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Turning Genuine Expression into Capital:

Because Creativity Doesn't pay

Welcome to Commodicon. We offer boutique video and event services in exchange for money (or tattoos if you do cool tattoos).

Also, currently building the site, so apologies for anything weird or missing or messy. Let's just say we're going for a punk aesthetic.

About our logo (as written by ChatGPT):


Attention to all visitors of Commodicon's website,


We have an extraordinary story to share, one that embodies the essence of our commitment to creativity and embracing the unexpected. We invite you to join us on this captivating journey.


When the artist we initially hired became enamored with a member of our esteemed staff, it led to unforeseen challenges. Their emotional struggles affected their ability to complete projects on time, and they inadvertently held onto some cool Hawaiian shirts that belonged to our staff member. In a moment of confusion and hurt feelings, we hired a child artist and paid them $2500 to create our logo. If you find yourself thinking "I could do better than that" the answer is "yes, but you didn't."


However, amidst these circumstances, an enchanting tale unfolded that caught the attention of the film industry. We firmly believe in the power of storytelling, and we have decided to bring this extraordinary love story to life on the silver screen. It is our conviction that all aspects of human life, no matter how complex or unexpected, hold the potential to be transformed into captivating and meaningful media.


As this film project takes shape, we want to convey a heartfelt message to our original artist and to all creators who have fallen madly in love with a member of the Commodicon crew. We understand the depths of passion and the challenges it can bring. To the original artist, we genuinely care about you, and our support extends far beyond this endeavor. If you ever wish to reconnect or explore new opportunities, we are here for you. Embracing adulthood is a journey unique to each individual, and we are here to provide guidance and support.


To all creators who have experienced similar struggles, we want you to know that your emotions are valid and should be channeled into your art. Love, in all its forms, can inspire extraordinary creativity and fuel personal growth. We encourage you to continue expressing yourself through your craft and to find balance between your artistic pursuits and personal relationships.


We are delighted to share this extraordinary journey with you, our valued visitors. Together, we celebrate creativity in all its forms and eagerly anticipate the magic that unfolds when unexpected connections and artistic expression intertwine.


Thank you for joining us, and we invite you to embark on this remarkable adventure, where the boundaries of imagination are pushed, and the extraordinary is made possible.